Serfoji Memorial Hall, Thanjavur


Serfoji Memorial Hall, Thanjavur

King Serfoji II knew Marathi, Tamil, Sanskrit, Malayalam, in addition to Latin, Greek, French and English. He was a great scholar, who expanded his library (Sarasvati Mahal library) and brought 400 books of science and technology from England,Europe, France and Germany. He was an astronomer, a naturalist and an educationist and even performed cataract surgeries. He was very advanced for his time.

Maharajah Serfoji II memorial hall was established in King Serfoji II’s memory in Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur by his fourth descendent H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah P.Bhosle. The museum was declared opened for the public viewing on 1997. The Sadar mahal palace and Sarjah mahal were constructed in the year 1824 A.D under western engineering talent.The Sadar mahal palace where the museum is proposed was the residential quarters and the private darbar of King Serfoji ll. The unique collections of King Serfoji ll such as Thanjavur paintings, Ivory, Silver, Crystal articles, armouries, furniture, glasswares, marble work etc is displayed for public.

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