Tari Biotech, Thanjavur


Tari Biotech, Thanjavur

Tari Bio-Tech is established in the year 2003 as a SSI (Small Scale Industries) unit engaged in the production and supply of eco-friendly agricultural inputs like, Bio-fertilizers, Bio-Control agent, Bio-Pesticides and Organic manure in both liquid and carrier based formulations.  With an idea that, if the shelf life of the biological products is improved from 4-6 months to above one year and CFU/ml from 107 to 109, then this bio-logical inputs like bio-fertilizers, bio-controls and bio-pesticides could become an alternative to the chemical inputs for the nutrition, diseases, and pest control in Agriculture and Horticulture crops.

As a result of our persistent R&D and eminent scientist consultancy we have succeeded in manufacturing Bio products with a shelf life of 2 years, with a high viable population density of 109 CFU/ml (100 crores CFU/ml) and resistant to high field temperature of 45-55° C and UV radiations during 2005 and we achieved this as the sixth unit in the world and second unit in India.

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